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Stay updated on everything that happens with Revue.

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The year of the newsletter

Is it really 2019?!? 2018 flew by like the swooshing sound an email makes when you hit ‘send’. 💌But don’t worry. If you’ve been heads down in newsletters like we have, we got you covered. We wrote a short and snappy blog post on what happened in the newslette…


Get rid of those inactive subscribers

Over time you've probably managed to grow your subscriber list, but it's inevitable that some subscribers don't open your newsletter anymore. That's why we've introduced a new feature that allows you to find those inactive subscribers and unsubscribe them. Yo…


Build a newsletter that pays 🚀

Hi 👋 In 2015 we started as a simple tool to create personal newsletters. Over the last three years, we've been working hard to make Revue better for you.That is why we're excited to launch the latest addition to our platform: paid newsletters!After years of a…


Our free plan just got better

Regardless whether you're on the Free or Pro plan, we want to give you the tools to create the best editorial newsletter out there. That's why you can now also use the Editorial theme (we even set it as default) and choose between a default header or a custom…


Embed your tweets

Use tweets to better tell your story or express your opinion. Simply copy and paste the URL of a tweet and we'll pull in all the information and embed the tweet in your newsletter!


Have you seen your new profile page?

The best way to explain the update to the profile pages is by showing. For example check out Casey Newton's profile page, or Five Things by Nico Lumma. GIFs!! 😱


Revue is one of the 🔥 startups of Europe

Up until now, we have been focusing mainly on individuals wanting to share their thoughts and opinions. But lately, we saw an increasing demand from publishers wanting to give their journalists the tools to also create personal newsletters about many topics.T…


Introducing videos 📹

Biggest news are that recently we launched video support. From now on, you can include YouTube or Vimeo videos into your newsletter. This is a big feature and we wanted to shoot a video to well... let you know you can now add videos. Check it out!


What's new with Revue? 🔥

This month we launched a very cool new feature that lets your readers give you feedback on your latest issue. We're proud to announce that your audience can now use "Reactions". Those are two buttons at the bottom of each issue which let your readers either L…


New integration with Refind 🔥

This week we officially launched our integration with Refind! Refind is home to the best links on the web. It's a platform that lets you follow interests of yours or people and then according to that, their algorithms find the best stories for you. Now you ca…


Newest features on Revue 🔥

Today we’re officially launching our collaboration with Zapier. Putting together your newsletter with Revue has never been so effortless. Did you know you can integrate your account with Zapier to make your life easier and create your personal newsletter even…


Open Roadmap & Knowledge Letters

PRODUCTProduct Buff is the digest that will provide you with practical and helpful content you may need to improve your product. Product management & product marketing are the main topics, so if you're interested in knowing more about either, this is the …


2016 Overview 🎊

This month we finally got to launch a long requested feature - a new Revue theme! Now you have the option to customize your digest even more. We partnered up with Awkward to make this happen and you can read all about our collaboration below 😉


Exciting Month For Revue 🎊

This month we made it possible to add your Instagram account to you Revue profile page. Now you can have your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts all in one place.


New Customization Options 🔥

1. This month we made it possible for you guys to customize your profile pages even more! The biggest change is that now you can customize the colors! It gets even better... you can now add your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to your page!Here's a pr…


Making life easier with integrations

Have you already tried to just drag and drop items from your sidebar to your newsletter? Putting your digest together is even easier now!!


Growing your subscriber list

We pushed a new version of the Chrome extension that lets you pick the thumbnail for a link! You have to try it out!


Let's get personal

I really wanted to share how I started Revue, where it is today and where we're heading. I wrote a special post where you can read more about our first steps and how we got where we are now. I hope you enjoy it! If you do, just give it some ❤️ on Medium.


Custom domains on Revue 😎

Wordpress pluginIf you are using Wordpress, we just made it a lot easier to add a form to your blog with a Wordpress plugin! You can download our new plugin here.


Introducing Revue for iOS and GIF support!

Big up to PP for creating this GIF for us :)