2016 Overview 🎊

Hey Friends! Henry Ford once said: Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; work
2016 Overview 🎊
By Revue • Issue #17
Hey Friends! 
Henry Ford once said: 
Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. 
I couldn’t agree more. Revue started as one of my side projects two years ago and it has come a long way since then. Over time, I gradually came together with 4 other talented people who joined the Revue team and 20k awesome users, which was a pretty promising beginning of something great. Then, keeping together led us to appreciate the milestones and pushed us to aim towards new ones. But working together with everyone is what made this a successful year.
In 2016, we welcomed three more people to our team; our user-base & following grew and now approximately 2 million emails per month are sent through the platform! On top of that, a lot of other cool stuff happened that you can read all about in our latest post on Medium
There’s still a long road ahead of us, but we’re very grateful that this year we got to spread the word about our mission. A lot of hard work went into this but looking back, it’s been an awesome journey. 
So thanks everybody and let’s continue to work together in 2017 to make it an even better year! 😉

December articles
This month we finally got to launch a long requested feature - a new Revue theme! Now you have the option to customize your digest even more. We partnered up with Awkward to make this happen and you can read all about our collaboration below 😉
Introducing Revue Themes – Revue
Every now and then there’s something bigger that happens with Revue. And this is one of those moments, right now. And we’re glad we get to finally share this with all of you. Revue has come a long…
Inbox Talks – With Buffer
This edition is a special one. We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Ashley Read from Buffer for Inbox Talks. Yes, the awesome people behind Buffer agreed to answer a few questions about email, newsletters and Revue.
Revue in the media
Revue makes email newsletters personal again
A few months ago I decided I wanted to start an email newsletter where I’d share links to everything I’ve written each week, reports from events I’d attended..
The 10 Best Apps Of 2016
“Our favorite brand-new apps of the yearplus a few radical upgradesfor your phone, tablet, and computer.” And we’re one of them! 🙌
Vote for Revue as Startup of the Year
We’re nominated for Startup of the year in The Netherlands by Sprout! If you think we should win, vote for us! All it takes are a few quick clicks of your mouse or touch pad 😉
2016 Revue Overview
We summarized 2016 for Revue and our users! Everything you need to know is right here! 💪
What did we accomplish in 2016? What were our milestones? What was the most shared article on Revue? Who were the top 3 refers? Who had the most popular profile page? Hey, it might be you so make sure to check it out 😉
Monthly Revue Picks
New Chique Monthly is an online gallery that offers affordable art by Dutch artists. On top of that, their selection is very carefully curated. They spot emerging and talented people that create beautiful artworks. If you’re on the lookout for a new original piece of art to admire in your house or to just add some colorful elegance on your walls, take a look! 
New Chique Monthly #1
New Chique Monthly - Hey New Chique'ers, na de langzame dood van de New Chique Weekly, zijn we uit de as herrezen als een New Chique Monthly. Iets haalbaarder, e
Nick Liefhebber, 2016.
Nick Liefhebber, 2016.
Samuel’s one of the newest members that joined the Revue family. He’s a skilled photographer with a lot of knowledge. Every week he curates a list of articles, videos and links related to photography. Inside you can find his latest tutorials, presets, RAW files, wallpapers and more. 
Samuel Zeller
Samuel Zeller - Every week receive a curated list of articles, videos and links related to photography. Get my latest tutorials, presets, RAW files, wallpaper
Personal Developement
‘Beautiful Voyager’ is about interesting topics like The Reckoning, valuable reads, being happy, advice on feeling better and much more. It’s the social network for over-thinkers if you like!  
Reckoning with the merry-go-round
Beautiful Voyager - Hello friends, Are you experiencing post-holiday glow? Are you gleefully bidding goodbye to the social scroll of Christmas traditions? We’re
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