Analytics for your issues

*"Listen to your customers"* has become a cliché, however, it turns out that you guys are really smar
Analytics for your issues
By Revue • Issue #2
“Listen to your customers” has become a cliché, however, it turns out that you guys are really smart and came up with a plethora of cool features.
That is why we’re happy to say we have some great new features that a lot of you asked for. Without further ado:

See how many subscribers opened your issue and which links they clicked. You can also see how a specific subscriber engaged with your latest issue, just click on their email address in your subscribers list.
Free form text
We started out with just links and images, but now you’re able to add a regular text field. Simple, yet effective.
As you can see in this issue, you’re now able to format your content using Markdown. Want to know what Markdown is or need some help? Check out this great article
Are you already a Pro?
Sign up for a Pro account now. We’ve added the ability to change the link colors in your issues. This way you can better match your style or brand.
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