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Custom domains on Revue 😎

Custom domains on Revue 😎
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With Revue you can get your message in front of an audience that would make Kayne jealous, and in the near future we want your content to be available everywhere. Be it email, web or mobile. Your profile page is an example of this, a place where people can discover what you’ve shared. We are going to build it into a place where you can be proud of. Think of it as your future blog or a personal website.
That is why we’re happy to introduce custom domain support for your profile page. Boom! This means you can now let people visit your profile page on your own domain, for example check out our profile page on If you want to enable this, just go to your settings page and follow the steps. We are aware this is rather technical so let us know if you need any help.
This is a Pro feature, but if you like to test this out you can get the first month for free by using the discount code REVUELOVE.

And some other stuff we've been building
Wordpress pluginIf you are using Wordpress, we just made it a lot easier to add a form to your blog with a Wordpress plugin! You can download our new plugin here.
Medium integrationWe <3 Medium, that is why we made it super easy to add your Medium articles to Revue. Just go to Integrations and fill out your Medium username.
Improved integrationsThe integrations definitely needed some work, that is why we improved the stability and added the option to load older content instead of only the newest tweets, posts and saved articles.
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