Exciting Month For Revue 🎊

Hey there everybody! Wow, what an exciting month it has been for the Revue team! This month, thanks t
Exciting Month For Revue 🎊
By Revue • Issue #16
Hey there everybody! 
Wow, what an exciting month it has been for the Revue team! This month, thanks to all of you, we got to go to NYC and pitch Revue on stage at The Next Web event! You can see some pictures of our crazy adventure below! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who gave their vote for us, it really means a lot! 👏
On a different note, this month we also started working on a project with the super talented and creative people from Awkward. Thing is, we have a big surprise in store for everyone, so stay tuned for more details and follow us on social media for some sneak peeks into what we’re up to.
And last but definitely not least, we are conducting a research to find out how journalism has changed over the years. If you happen to be a writer, a journalist or a blogger and you have 2 minutes to help us out by filling a few fun questions out, that will be awesome! You can do that here! 😋
- Martijn

The Next Web event in NYC
Such an awesome experience! 🎊
Articles from the past month
We composed an exclusive selection of some of our top users that curate regularly about AI, VR & AR. We’ve thrown some new & exciting digests in the mix as well!
We took it upon ourselves to ease you into the process of reading your stats. Sometimes statistics may sound scary or at least complicated. But all in all, it’s something not to be feared but rather embraced.
This week we had the pleasure of talking to Jake Peters, Head of Product at HelpDocs. Jake is responsible for HelpDocs’s newsletter as well as his own.
Since we have a growing community that is becoming more and more engaged with topics like AI, VR & AI, we thought it would be cool to see which pieces have sparked the most interest throughout various digests.
What's new on Revue
This month we made it possible to add your Instagram account to you Revue profile page. Now you can have your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts all in one place.
Check out Samuel's profile page
Team's picks
This month we have chosen 3 very diverse, yet super interesting digests. If you’re interested in more digests on Revue, please subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter. Every two weeks we deliver a fresh set of awesome newsletters on Revue. Check it out here and subscribe
Steve O'Hear is a writer for Tech Crunch and he recently joined Revue. We’re ecstatic to have him on the platform so we want to say a big warm welcome on behalf of Revue’s team & community! Steve curates a regular digest about what pieces he published, what he’s working on currently and also shares his insights & thoughts on different topics, which is captivating to read! Join his mailing list, enjoy his digest and engage in a conversation! 
Steve’s In The Know: Everything I’ve published this week, added commentary, and upcoming events and appearances.
The Agenda’s a well curated digest about the latest cool tech gadgets and apps out there! Andrew curates regularly and often he talks about productivity in one way or another from personal experience.  In addition, you can find his thoughts on various topics and valuable commentary in the form of reviews under certain items. An absolute must read! 
Hi! I’m Andrew Meyers, and The Agenda is a weekly digest of items that catch my eye in technology, personal development, music, books and more. You can find me on Twitter @andrewmeyers or on my website, http://andrewmeyers.me.
We want to give a special shout out to one of our new users that recently joined Revue! Blended Beats is a collaborative project between Jacques Hoogesteger & Stan Steeghs from Warner Music together with Revue. The digest is about which music tracks are becoming popular. Every Thursday you get 3 trending tracks & 1 viral videoclip. It’s one of the coolest newsletters out there, so make sure to subscribe and stay updated with what’s in right now! 🎊
A Weekly Blend Of The World’s Finest Beats.
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