Growing your subscriber list

Hey all, Martijn here!I want to start off by saying big thanks to everyone who took the time to read
Growing your subscriber list
By Revue • Issue #13
Hey all, Martijn here!

I want to start off by saying big thanks to everyone who took the time to read and recommend “From a side project to millions of emails”. I really appreciate all of your feedback, you guys are awesome! 
Moving on to this month’s issue, I plan to focus mostly on everything that’s new with Revue. We finally launched our blog! That’s why I wanted to include some of the articles we’ve worked on so far. Let us know what you think! 
We also launched some new features that I hope you’ll love. 
And finally, this month I decided to ask Mo, our CTO and co-founder to list his top 3 favorite newsletters from the past month!
Let’s go! 

We want to help you create the best newsletter possible!
10 tips to go from mediocre email to sensational digest
10 tips to go from mediocre email to sensational digest
“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Remember that the next time you think of creating an audience.
So what's new on Revue?
We pushed a new version of the Chrome extension that lets you pick the thumbnail for a link! You have to try it out! 
Boom! ⚡️
Plus, now you can share articles from people’s newsletters to social media. How cool is that? 
Sharing is caring! 👋🏼
Our favorite newsletters from the past month
This month I asked my co-founder and buddy Mo to tell you about his favorite newsletters from the past month. Plus, he’s like our walking database for newsletters of our awesome users 😎
What’s on Weibo?
I really like this digest because of the personal commentary. It’s always full of insights. Plus, I like to keep up with what’s trending in China. You should take a look! 
What’s on Weibo - What’s on Weibo - inside the trending topics of China. Cultural, historical and social insights into digital trends & trending topics on Ch
Pivoting by Bryce 
Bryce is a really good curator and writer! What makes me follow his newsletter regularly is the fact that he picks out high-quality content that interests me AND then he kind of summarizes it. That saves me so much time when I’m too busy to read the whole piece. I like the fact that he also includes his personal commentary.
Pivoting by Bryce - I write about Technology, Startups & the Future. I’m also lucky when it comes to finding amazing content written by others and want to sh
Iserotope Extras
With this one I like the fact that the author talks about social issues and in general subjects that truly matter! It’s definitely refreshing to read about things that can make a difference. Keep up the great work! 
Iserotope Extras - My favorite articles of the week on race, education, reading (and a few other topics).
Tips and Tricks - How To Grow Your Subscribers List?
Twitter is a majestic social media channel. The more we see our users promoting their newsletters on it, the more we realize the benefits of it. Some of those include exposure, feedback and relationships. 

Another thing we’ve noticed is that when people use Twitter Cards for their newsletters, it’s a very efficient and convenient way for followers to just sign up, right there on their feed. That’s why we asked Nikky, our product researcher, to install this awesome tool for herself since she is starting her own digest. After recording her experience with it, she wrote an extremely simple and useful manual on how to install Twitter Cards. 🙌
Some of you have probably seen Revue users like Azeem and myself using Twitter cards in order to grow their audience. This has proven…

What did you think of our newsletter? Which category did you find the most useful or interesting? What would you like to see next in next month’s edition? Just want to say “good job”? Let us know at or just hit reply!
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