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Let's get personal

Let's get personal
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Hey all, Martijn here!
I’m happy to say that Revue’s updated newsletter is finally here! I thought long and hard about what I can send out that will not only be interesting to read, but most importantly will bring value to you in some way.
This month I’ve decided to tell you a bit about Revue’s journey and goals. I’m also really eager to introduce you to the rest of the team! I want to talk about new features, give you some great tips on how to grow your subscribers list and share my favorite newsletters from the past month. 

Revue's Journey
I really wanted to share how I started Revue, where it is today and where we’re heading. I wrote a special post where you can read more about our first steps and how we got where we are now. I hope you enjoy it! If you do, just give it some ❤️ on Medium.
From side-project to millions of emails
So what's new on Revue?
Making our users happy is still priority number one. That’s why we have been working hard to improve our product by listening to your requests and adding new useful features. This is what we’ve been working on:
Profile Page RedesignI don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but your profile page in Revue looks different! Cool, right? Now, people who browse through your newsletter can easily type in their email and start receiving your digest. Another improvement is the option to customize the colors of your profile page. Go try it out!
New Re-post FeatureAt the moment we are testing a feature that enables your readers to save and re-post articles from your newsletter to theirs! This little button creates connections between you and other curators. It makes putting together a newsletter and curating content that much easier and faster. Besides that, it will help other people discover your newsletter. Let us know what you think about it!
Keep Your Links In CheckDid you ever wanted to know who clicks on the links in your newsletters? Well, now you can see who those people are and what they’re interested in. We also added the option to check which links were re-posted and how many times. 
Our favorite newsletters from the past month
We thought it would be interesting to have a monthly pick of our favorite newsletters. This month I want to share with you the top 3 that made my list and I’ll tell you why.
1. Off The RecordI’m a full time entrepreneur, hence the latest news about startups and everything related are essential to me. That’s why Off The Record’s newsletter is one of the most important digests that makes it to my inbox regularly.
We Are Off The Record - Issue #3 | Revue
2. Barista HustleCoffee is life. Well, at least for me. I have to admit, I’m a major coffee enthusiast. Anyways, Matt Perger’s newsletter always updates me on what’s happening in the coffee world. 
💗 Coffee's Brené Brown(e); 🌺 Geisha
3. Recomendo
Recomendo just launched on Revue, but I have high expectations. Curated by Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder, it shares 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff.
Recomendo | Revue
Tips and Tricks - How To Grow Your Subscribers List?
Ever got a newsletter that you dreaded opening immediately after you saw the subject line? Did it maybe sound like another sales attempt? Or did it seem like it was too generic after you opened it? Many retail companies send out newsletters that are very static and specifically structured to sell. Some of them rely on fancy templates and that is understandable, yet the personal touch in a newsletter can go a long way. Remember that.
If you are reading this, probably you’re not a large retail corporation. That’s why our advice is to keep it personal, share your own experiences and stories, and engage with your readers as much as possible. Talk to them as if you’re talking to your best friend. Put yourself in their shoes. Another great tip that we got from our users is to thank or just generally reach out to your new readers on Twitter. Show them some gratitude! 
Up close and personal
Up close and personal
What did you think of our newly structured newsletter? Which category did you find the most useful or interesting? What would you like to see next in next month’s edition? Just want to say “good job”? Let us know at or just hit reply.
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