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More subscribers? We're on it!

Every day we're working hard to make your life easier, at least, when it comes to creating your weekl
More subscribers? We're on it!
By Revue • Issue #7 • View online
Every day we’re working hard to make your life easier, at least, when it comes to creating your weekly digest. Don’t believe us? See for yourself :) Check out below what this hard work resulted in!
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We’re trying to help you to get more subscribers
Creating your first issue is something that we’ve made super easy, but getting an audience is another thing. We just implemented recommendations, so if somebody signs up for a newsletter, he or she will get other recommended newsletters to sign up for based on people’s signup history. This is just a first step!
Safari extension!
After the Chrome extension we now finally have a Safari extension to easily add the content you’re reading directly from Safari. You can download it here.
Update Chrome extension
A few weeks back we already pushed this update for the Chrome Extension, so it should be automatically updated. If you didn’t install it yet, you can here.
You can now write a title and description right from the extension itself! Just click the icon in your Chrome browser. Also, if you select a paragraph on the website that you’re visiting and click the icon, we’ll automatically add the paragraph as description. 
This functionality is also available for the Safari extension.
Save your sections
Save your sections for your next issues so you won’t have to type them in every time you start a new issue. Simply click on the cog icon and select “Save sections for next issues”.
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