New integration with Refind 🔥

Hey everybody 👋It's time again for our monthly update! March was an interesting month. We worked on a
New integration with Refind 🔥
By Revue • Issue #20
Hey everybody 👋
It’s time again for our monthly update! 
March was an interesting month. We worked on a report that investigated how journalism has changed over the years. What we found is that the relationship between journalists and their readers is shifting. You can read more about it in the section “What’s new with Revue”! 
Also, we’re happy to announce our integration with Refind 🎊 Now you can easily connect both platforms in order to pull content to Revue even easier ✌️ 

Launching Revue x Refind
This week we officially launched our integration with Refind! Refind is home to the best links on the web. It’s a platform that lets you follow interests of yours or people and then according to that, their algorithms find the best stories for you. Now you can easily pull your links from Refind into Revue with zero effort! You can enable the integration under “Account Settings” - “Integrations”. Also, since Refind is invite-only for now, you can use this link to join! 
Articles you might've missed
Wondering how to reach teens these days? Clover’s on it
We find Clover’s story pretty inspirational. The founders are two ambitious women who set out to educate young people across the globe via a personal newsletter in a fun, entertaining way. 
Inbox Talks
Not enough people are talking about email. Or newsletters for that matter. We want to change that. That’s how the idea for those “talks” series was born. This week we spoke to Steve O’Hear, writer for TechCrunch about email, newsletters and more! 
Think millennials don’t do email? Think again.
This is the story of two women who bonded over artichokes in Rome and later on came together to start a newsletter about their mutual passion-news. That same digest, which laid the groundwork for their future media empire, now reaches 4 million millennials via email, daily.
How to grow your subscriber list by using social media to your advantage
Boom! We got some nifty tips and tricks for you in order to help you grow your subscriber list by simply using social media to your advantage! 
Bob Lefsetz and his infamous Letter
The fascinating story of how someone who couldn’t make it into the music industry the traditional way, actually did by relying on email and his infamous newsletter. 
How MJML let personal newsletter service Revue develop a new email theme that just worked
A more technical article written by our very own CEO about the implementation of our beautiful Roger theme. Plus, we like to try out new things so we took MJML for a spin! 😜
The phenomenon that is the Trump Daily digest
What started as a quick email meant only for colleagues at the NOS is now a newsletter with approximately 30.000 followers and counting (in less than 4 weeks). We reached out to Arjen van der Horst, author of “Trump Daily".
How Does Blendle Use Email?
Blendle is a pay-per-article news aggregate. The company has grown immensely and has gained popularity not only in The Netherlands, but in Germany and the States as well. We spoke to them about email and newsletters.  
What's new with Revue?
This month we finally made it possible for you to easily migrate from TinyLetter and Curated to Revue. You can read more about how to successfully migrate and import your old issues to Revue here!
We also worked on a report about the changing relationship between journalists and their audiences. We conducted a survey among 130 journalists. Our results show that the spotlight is shifting. Read the rest underneath! 🤓
The changing relationship between journalists and their audiences
A survey conducted among 130 journalists shows that the spotlight is shifting. Journalists engage heavily with readers directly, who in turn are more likely to follow the journalist rather than the publications.
Revue's Monthly picks
This is probably one of the best digest about data out there. It’s a regular newsletter curated by the largest data science community in Europe! In every issue you can find various sections divided by topic with mostly 3 to 4 links. Data Machina covers topics like algorithmic machines, machine automation, robotics, IoT, AI, cyborg/humanoids, machine learning, data science. Data Machina already has 162 issues behind its back so there’s plenty of information you can dive into if you’re feeling hungry for knowledge! 🤖
Data Machina
A weekly digest of data science curiosities, machine intelligence, data geekery, and other amenities. For those bemused by AI, algorithmic entities, sentient machines, and automated things. Curated by @ds_ldn in the middle of the night.
Once a month you can receive a proper update of the best apps which will help you improve your productivity. This is a great “lifehack” newsletter. If you want to upgrade your life and find ways to be better with every passing day, take a look at Lior’s newsletter. With every app recommendation you get a small TL;DR summary of what the app is about and what are its upsides. ☑️
Lior from Lifehack Labs | Revue
A curated list of the best apps to boost your productivity.
Wondering how AI is affecting jobs? Interested in what’s happening in the field? Well, The Intelligence Effect is here to regularly update you on those questions and make sure you are up to date on what matters. Politics is also a topic that’s often discussed in regards to AI. Also, in the section “What Are The Experts Saying” you can find links to articles by experts who share their opinion about the overlying topic of the issue. 👌
The Intelligence Effect
Updates on how artificial intelligence and robotics are affecting jobs.
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