New! 🙈 MailChimp import

You might have asked yourself what we have been doing these last few weeks, but we've been working ha
New! 🙈 MailChimp import
By Revue • Issue #4
You might have asked yourself what we have been doing these last few weeks, but we’ve been working hard to push out the #1 requested feature: MailChimp import! We hired specially trained Oompa Loompas to transfer all of your MailChimp subscribers to Revue. Give it a try!
Also, we made some changes to the limitations on sending out your issues. You can now pick your “Send day” on which you will be able to send you issues. The rest of the week you can do what you do best – curate. Of course you can always change this day, but we strongly recommend that you send your weekly digest on the same day every week.

Add content from your RSS feeds
Next to the other integrations we launched last time, we now added RSS as a source to easily add content from your blog to your issues in Revue.
Awesome new digests
I really enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and observations, so i’ve joined the newsletter bandwagon. Every Friday I’m going to write my musings on internet, business, people & life. I’ll try to make it entertaining and short.
Technoviking. Founder @Blendle.
Your weekly summary of what important happened in JavaScript community.
New app launch
Our friends at Bundle are launching their app today and we believe it is seriously cool. Ever had that feeling that iCloud Photos or Android Photos just didn’t cut it? Check out or at least give them some love on Producthunt.
⭐️ Use code REVUE to get one year unlimited photo storage for just $2/month (that’s 50% off).
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