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Newest features on Revue 🔥
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Hey there everyone! 
February was an eventful month for us. First, we launched Discover, an extensive personal newsletter directory. You can read all about it here
This month we focused on launching a few new features as well, which you can read all about in the “What’s New With Revue” section below. Thank you guys for actively voting and expressing your thoughts in our open roadmap! We are making Revue better together 💪
Today, we’re also officially launching our integration with Zapier, since we’re no longer in beta. So read on if you want to know how you can connect your Revue account with all sorts of other awesome apps 😎Cheers,Martijn 

Official Launch of Zapier integration
Today we’re officially launching our collaboration with Zapier. Putting together your newsletter with Revue has never been so effortless. Did you know you can integrate your account with Zapier to make your life easier and create your personal newsletter even quicker?
For those of you who are not familiar with Zapier, you should know that it is a workflow tool that aims to help you out with moving around different sorts of data from one application to another. That means that integrating will enable you to do things such as easily syncing email lists between Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact with Revue. Collecting addresses from Facebook Ad Leads or Typeform and then adding them automagically to your Revue list will also be easy breezy!
We’re glad to announce this month we finally launched a project of ours that we’re really passionate about-an extensive directory full of personal newsletters! We wrote about Discover and wanted to share the story with you 🎊
In our mission to reinvent the newsletter, Revue launches Discover
Articles you might've missed
After launching Discover, we got a lot of great feedback! We even got asked to start a regular column update for The Next Web, in which we write about some of the most unique personal newsletters on Discover. Here are out first two pieces! 😝
The best, most creative newsletters by designers for designers
The best personal newsletters by women for women
What's new with Revue?
This month we launched the most requested feature in our open roadmap- edit multiple issues at the same time! You can now also delete sent issues and edit sent & unsent issues simply by going to your Issues page. Now you can also easily duplicate your issues and save yourself some precious time! 😜
Last but definitely not least, you can now clean all of your subscribers with a single click of a button! You can do that by going to “Subscribers” and then clicking the drop down option of the “Add Subscriber” button. Then just choose “Delete All Subscribers”!
Revue's Monthly Picks
This digest is all about providing you with the most valuable articles about development. Swift Weekly also helps you stay top of mind with all the latest news in the industry. You might find the “Libraries & Code” section particularly helpful, given that it’s full with all sorts of useful resources! The newsletter has a large readership and 65 issues to date, so you can be sure that you’ll gain as much value from this digest as possible! 🙌 
Swift Weekly
AI Probably one of the best AI digests out there! Denny Britz is a skilled curator who aims to provide you with the latest and most interesting news from the field. Inside, you can find various sections which have to do with news, super useful posts, articles & tutorials, highlighted research papers and more! The issues are straight to the point, informational and perfect to read while on the go! 👌
The Wild Week in AI
LAWAre you a lawyer yourself or a law student? Well, even if you’re not that’s perfectly fine and this digest will still be of great use to you! The unique concept of this newsletter is that it’s about “legal news everyone should know”. That can come quite in handy given that we live in a very hectic world where many people are not familiar with their rights. Each issue includes relevant articles about various legal news and engaging commentary. Staying informed is important! ✌️
Modern Law
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