Open Roadmap & Knowledge Letters

Hey guys! Can't believe January is already gone! Hope this month was productive for you 😉The past mon
Open Roadmap & Knowledge Letters
By Revue • Issue #18
Hey guys! 
Can’t believe January is already gone! Hope this month was productive for you 😉
The past month has been very busy for the Revue team since we’ve been working on something new and quite cool! So keep your eyes open on what’s happening with us in the coming weeks 😜 
That’s it for now, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for important updates 🎊

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What's new with Revue
We recently opened our roadmap to everyone! Now you can vote on what you’d like to see as next feature on Revue. You can also make suggestions if you don’t see your ideas already on there 😜  •  Share
Join in on the discussion! 😊
Join in on the discussion! 😊
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Curated content about Product Management and Product Marketing. From idea validation to achieving product/market fit.
This newsletter is focused on helping you run an Amazon business. There’s also a podcast with plenty of valuable advice. In their latest issue you can find tips on optimizing your listings, suggestions on dealing with A-Z claims, a case study, a great piece on manufacturing products locally, info on upcoming webinars and so much more. 👌
🗝 Tips on Optimizing a Product Page; Enhanced Brand Content; Dreaded A-Z Claim; Manufacturing in the USA
Email digest of Keyword: the Amazon Insider share authoritative and insider information to help people run an Amazon business.
Every Friday, AppCoda delivers “must-read Swift & iOS programming articles for your weekend”. Inside you can find great practical tutorials, valuable articles on topics like monetizing your apps, materials on UI/UX, code samples and news of course! With this weekly digest you get to develop your skill, learn more and stay updated on what’s happening in the field. 💻
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