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What's new with Revue? 🔥
By Revue Updates • Issue #21 • View online
Hey guys! 👋
Martijn here with our monthly Revue update.
First of all, wanted to let you know we’ve slightly changed the formats of our own newsletters. From now on, this monthly update will consist only of useful content we’ve worked on in the past month and more importantly, brief updates about new features we’ve launched.
Speaking of features, April was a busy month as usual, but we managed to launch two awesome ones (you can read about them below). One of them is Reactions. It’s really cool since from now on, your readers will be able to give you direct feedback and you won’t ever have to guess what they thought of your latest issue. This was a feature requested quite a lot in our open roadmap, so make sure to head over there, check it out and let us know what you’d like to see next! 💯
Have a great week everyone, Martijn 

What's new with Revue?
This month we launched a very cool new feature that lets your readers give you feedback on your latest issue. We’re proud to announce that your audience can now use “Reactions”. Those are two buttons at the bottom of each issue which let your readers either Like or Dislike your issue and give you feedback accordingly.
We’ve already seen some of our users getting more than 2x or even 3x the number of responses they usually get! 😇
Another great addition is that from now on, you can also publish your awesome issues to Wordpress via Zapier.
What we wrote about this month?
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What did you think of our newsletter? Which category did you find the most useful or interesting? What would you like to see next in next month’s edition? Just want to say “good job”? Let us know at by using the Reaction buttons below! 👌
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